Our opening hours...

6 Nov 2017

Our opening hours... Until I load them properly, here are our opening hours:

Monday 9 - 5
Tuesday 9 - 5
Wednesday 9 - 1
Thursday 9 - 5
Friday 9 - 5
Saturday 9 - 5.30
Sunday 11ish - 4

Help protect our parking.....

27 Oct 2017

Thank you for your support. We are humbled by the kind comments we have received from customers and local residents. The solution is simple, and we just want the project team to engage with us....

Please remember we are not opposing the school being built, we only want them to replace the parking that will be removed!

For a link to our petition, click here

Remember your old pound coins.....

16 Oct 2017

Remember your old pound coins.....

We are here for all of your hardware and pet needs, plus water softener salt, coal and logs, decorating, gardening, specialist household cleaning, pest control and wild bird food - apparently my fat balls are legendary!!

All at very competitive prices and with free local delivery!!

Plus, for this week we will still accept your 'old' pound coins

Is it four candles, or is it fork handles.....

23 Aug 2017

Is it four candles, or is it fork handles..... We are always being asked, so I thought I would share our new wall decoration with you....

The new sign went up today....

2 May 2017

The new sign went up today.... ...although some of our stock is still in boxes!

However, we are delighted with the positive feedback from those customers who have visited us. Come and see us soon - there are sweeties on the counter!!

We're open!

29 Apr 2017

We're open!
Please pop in and see our new look....

Re-opening - Saturday 29 April at 9am

27 Apr 2017

Re-opening - Saturday 29 April at 9am
Lost count of what day of our voyage this is, but the captain's log for the last two days tells that it has been a bit bumpy!

Sorry there has been no update, but we have been working very hard to be open on Saturday. Anyone know a good hardware shop where I can buy some more midnight oil??

We may still have some gaps, and some stock in boxes, but we will be open bang on 9am on 29 April.

Hope to see you there....

Sunday, bl**dy Sunday!

23 Apr 2017

Sunday, bl**dy Sunday!

A very frustrating Sunday! Lost all the time we had gained because we really struggled to get the two corner units to stand straight and level! If you were passing I'm sorry if you heard any choice Anglo Saxon!!

These units are in our new, dedicated pet corner and by the end of the day they were finally taking shape...

Plus we started getting our stock back on the shelves ready for re-opening. A busy day ahead tomorrow.

And the flooring is in!

20 Apr 2017

And the flooring is in!

Day two has come and gone, and it was flat out all the way. A huge amount of the flooring is now down, and the next task is to strip out the side shelving.

No photos though, as I don't want to spoil the finished article! I might post one before the weekend though if we start to get the shelving back in.

Day one and bang on plan!

19 Apr 2017

Day one and bang on plan! Day one proper has been and gone, and we are bang on the project plan!

The centre area of the shop has been completely cleared, and the floor prepared for the installation of the flooring on Wednesday. Very much looking forward to seeing our new floor in place - big thanks to Dean Pyle Flooring who worked late last night to be ready for laying the floor.

And so the refit starts...

17 Apr 2017

And so the refit starts...

I know I have been quiet for a wee while, but we have been very, very busy behind the scenes....

As you know we got flooded from a major leak from the flat above last September. Now the insurance has all sorted out, we are starting a major refit. We will be closed from Tuesday 18 April and will be re-opening on Saturday 29 April, when we will unveil our brand new shop!

We are very excited about our new look, and hope you will be too. In the meantime although the doors may be closed, we will try and supply whatever you need. Just give us a ring and we will either bring it to our door, or deliver it to your door if that is more convenient.

Just so it is to hand our number is 01923 246907, and thanks for your patience.

'Like' us on Facebook....

7 Feb 2017

'Like' us on Facebook.... ....and hear all about any special offers. Click here and we'll take you straight there!

Houston...we have a problem...

5 Feb 2017

Houston...we have a problem... ...or so the famous phrase from Apollo 13 went!

Over the weekend we sufferred a massive escape of water as the main feed into the flat above burst, and was uncontrolled for about four hours.

We lost the ceiling, lights and power, our till, flooring and lots of stock. We finally had power restored on Wednesday 21 September, and we now have dehumidifiers running flat out round the clock to dry us out.

In the meantime, we are replacing stock, but can only do so when we have somewhere dry and safe to put it. So, please bear with us as we tackle the repairs as quickly as we can.

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